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And I forgot to answer your question about the levers. Here you go:
Despite the reference to the 1000, in the supported vehicle list the 900 series shows.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Custom painted fairings
« Last post by Dilzman on Yesterday at 02:00:01 PM »
Looks fantastic!  Well done and thanks for sharing!   :062:
*Originally Posted by Royinspain [+]
I have a pair of Givi Trekker 37 litres on mine (plus a Trekker 52 topcase) and they are great. Hold loads of gear and look the part. Sold the crap bmw cases that I stupidly bought with the bike.

I have the Trekker 48L side cases with the Trekker 58L top case . Had them all on, filled with gear and stuff, plus my GF on the back. We just did an AZ/CO/UT loop trip from SoCal and the bike did just fine. Easily cruising at 80 - 85 mph and still getting  (except in the open desert where wind was blasting us) 40 - 45 mpg. The bike is a beast.
I don't see how the lever being broken matters.  You just dial the adjuster in and then pull on the cable housing to remove it from the adjuster.  There's really not that much to it.
Yes replacing the clutch lever. After a garage tip over the lever snapped at the head so no leverage to pull it farther.
You're talking about replacing the lever on the handlebars right?  You release the cable up there, not down at the clutch arm on the engine.  If you can squeeze the lever, it's not locked, it's just hard to pull because you are pulling the housing back without the benefit of the leverage the lever provides.  It's hard but it can (and should) be done with just your hands.
Tried that but it's locked tight. What could be going on?

Not load bearing the axle pulls it tight to the swing arm, when you loosen the axle bolt it is allowed to move for chain adjustments.
F900 Series Main Chat / Re: Clutch and Quickshifter
« Last post by cw000de on May 06, 2021, 04:10:40 PM »
ah, sounds plausible, that might be indeed some kind of feedback from the "anti-hopping" functionality. Thanks for the clarification!
F900 Series Main Chat / Re: Clutch and Quickshifter
« Last post by rcb78 on May 06, 2021, 03:31:18 PM »
I sounds like he's describing some of the feedback you get in the lever from the new (or replacement) clutches where the slipper and assist features are actually working.  Based on what I've heard from other riders on other bikes (non-BMW) some slipper clutches give feedback through the lever.  Mine does after they replaced it last summer, but it doesn't actually affect how the bike works or how smooth the shift is, that's all determined by me and how I work the clutch. 
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