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Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Full Engine Remap Review
« Last post by Stonesie on Yesterday at 03:17:52 pm »
I've heard good things about Junction 33 tuning, they did a friends Z1000sx and it was a better map than my almost identical bike at the time had from another tuner, mine gobbled more fuel and was slower. Both bikes de-catted with lextek headers, both 2017 Z1000SX, both green :084:

What mods do you have on your XR?
Engine wise mine just has a cat back Leo Vince exhaust and lives in Dynamic mode. Still on standard mapping.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Full Engine Remap Review
« Last post by paulF900XR on Yesterday at 12:50:46 pm »
Time to review my latest mod to my 21 plate F900XR, a full engine remap of which at the time (back in the summer) nobody else seemed to have had done in the UK

After a lot of research I rang Alan from Junct33 tuning near Lancaster as from word of mouth he was the man that can.
As this was the first XR900 he had remapped he explained it would take some time to extract the maps, understand them and rebuild them so I would need to leave the bike with him for a few days.
His workshop has all the kit including a rolling road, if you look at Junction 33 Developments Facebook page 13th July you can see the bike pics and more importantly the rolling road test results.
After the remap was completed Alan (with my permission) took it for a test ride and his comments were that the bike felt super smooth with bags of torque.
Interestingly the 'before' fuelling graphs show the bike underfuelling low down and overfuelling on full throttle, the 'after' fuelling graphs show it's now perfect for all throttle openings.

My first ride on it after the remap I thought I hadn't reset the ride mode to 'Road' the throttle response was so direct and immediate, 'Dynamic' mode is exactly that and (for me) enough for fast road use.
Fuel consumption is similar to before the tune and given how much more fun the bike is to ride now that's pretty good.
I've done a couple of tours now with mates and the XR has never missed a beat, starts perfect hot or cold, idles better.
So my verdict is money well spent and the good news for other XR owners is now the map has been done it's easy to repeat the process.

Ride Safe.

If there are those that would rather have a dedicated GPS, my NavV has been working flawlessly for 8 years first on my RT, now on my XR.  I did change the battery in 2021 before a cross-country trip.  It's not as big as a phone or the Nav VI but does the job.  See if you can find one somewhere on a forum or eBay, etc..
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Fork oil change
« Last post by rcb78 on November 23, 2022, 05:32:25 pm »
The best way is to set fluid level which means no spring installed, fully compressed and measure the air gap.  The quick way is to go by volume by you'll find that isn't exactly accurate in most cases.
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Fork oil change
« Last post by brucedimon on November 23, 2022, 04:23:25 pm »
What is the recommended way? Is there a drain plug or do they expect you to dismantle the forks?  :187:
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Chain and sprockets
« Last post by ade on November 23, 2022, 01:03:45 pm »
 Yes typo
Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Chain and sprockets
« Last post by Banus on November 23, 2022, 09:30:22 am »
Maybe, “Sparkling?”
Maintenance and Servicing / Fork oil change
« Last post by knollo on November 22, 2022, 03:30:35 pm »
After 27k km I changed the fork oil of my XR last week. I decided to do it the lazy way. I just opened the top cap, poured the used oil out and refilled with the same amount of fresh BMW Type 4 oil. The used oil was brown and cloudy without any indication of the original red color of the BMW fork oil. So, it seems a good idea to change the oil after 2.5 years and 27k km. However, instead of the expected 633 ml on the left hand side and 560 ml on the right hand side I got out only 555 and 410 ml of used oil. I hope this due to the fact that I did not remove the spring and the other internal parts. Or could it really be be that the original oil filling was that low? Any ideas? I guess the next time I'll do it the recommended way and remove the internal parts to be able to measure the oil level.
can't remember which post it was in but somebody on here said their Nav went completely flat if left in the cradle........
I have a Garmin 660 which is same base unit and fits the cradle but I always remove it from the bike every time I come home as I load routes from my PC (and download tracks) so I want it in house anyway.
Sat Navs, Intercoms, Cameras, and other Tech Gadgets / Re: BMW NAV VI - winter charging?
« Last post by figbat on November 21, 2022, 09:24:15 am »
Good point!  There is a charge point on the back of the unit.  Prompted by your note I have just retrieved mine from the garage - I'll keep it in the house and charge it every so often.
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