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I assembled them myself including keying. Yes there is a little bit of adjustment in the lower mounting bracket but even after I completely unscrewed it from the inside so the only attachment was the mushroom head, I still couldn't get it off by jiggling. After completely unscrewing the latch box from the hard case so that was all that was attached I was then able to force it off at an angle.

I think I just happen to have a manufacturing run with very minimal tolerance. Interestingly once off I tried wearing the mechanism in a bit by opening the latch hard and repeatedly about 100 times. Attached photo comparison shows that it appears to have increased the amount of throw of the latch tongue. Left shot is after wearing in and right is just after I got it off. But would be great if someone else could upload a photo of one that works easily. Now I have to get the other side off.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Factory Soft Side Cases
« Last post by DougD on Today at 01:12:11 AM »
By unzipping the inner liner you can gain access to the metal mounting bracket that mates the bag to the mounting which is adjustable. It takes some fiddling but you can make slight movements that can help align things better. The bags come to the dealer without the bracket installed and this is done by the dealer. I actually did it myself as I fetched the bags with my car and thus the dealer couldn't fit them to the bike so they showed me how. Also I agree with the proper lubricant and I mounted and dismounted mine dozens of times to kind of wear them in. Its worth a look.
Thanks everyone for tips. Alas I could not get either to release no matter how much pressure. I disassembled one case from the inside so that I could get at the latch. Was able to just force it off by forcing the catch slide to move just a fraction further back.

Attached photos showing locked and unlocked positions of the slide concern me as you will see the amount of movement in the catch slide doesn't look enough to completely release the mushroom head. The key only moves 1/8 turn and to me it looks like I am not getting enough movement of the slide to get past the flange of the mushroom head. It is not a keying issue as even a screwdriver in the lock can't twist it more than 1/8 turn so it is an internal limitation. Can any of you tell me how much movement you get and that will help me rule out there being a problem with the internals.


Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Factory Soft Side Cases
« Last post by WestonBend on Yesterday at 07:45:09 PM »
 :762: RCB is spot with his advice.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Factory Soft Side Cases
« Last post by rcb78 on Yesterday at 04:56:04 PM »
You need to press inward to unload the pressure while turning the key.  It also helps to remember that both keys turn to the rear to open, which may be confusing at first since you'll turn the keys in different directions.  The actual mechanism will 'wear itself smooth' after using it for awhile.  It'll still be tight, but the key will turn more easily, so the more you use it the easier it'll be.
I haven't tried it, but maybe a squirt of silicone lubricant into the rubber stopper would help too.  It won't hurt anything and it may help the rubber to squish against the metal mount a little easier.  Silicone only though, it needs to be safe for rubber, so not just any wet lube you have laying around.
If they're REALLY stuck, open the cases so you can put pressure right on the mech without worrying about collapsing the case.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Factory Soft Side Cases
« Last post by Jggpossum on Yesterday at 04:35:51 AM »
I also have the soft cases and like the size and profile compared with the hard shell which was just too big and dominated the bike. Just as some others have commented I found them quite challenging to clip into place as there is a thick rubber pin in the middle of the case attachment which presses hard against the face of the mushroom mount. Great idea to prevent rattles, but it takes some serious pressure and jiggling to get them to clip in.

Today I tried to remove them to do a thorough clean and I can't get them off. I think the fit is so tight that the catch won't release and I almost broke the key. Has anyone got any tips for getting these off? Typical German engineering - beautifully over engineered to the point of almost being impractical to use.

F900 Series Main Chat / Re: F900XR Too Tame?
« Last post by F900XRRider on Yesterday at 03:23:47 AM »
If you live and ride where the roads are straight, yeah probably.  Capable, entertaining, lovable……yes.  It’s all those.  If you live and ride where it’s twisty(er), want comfort, light weight, and a serious sleeper on those twisty roads…no, it not “too tame.”  I moved from a Ducati 1200S Pikes Peak (which I loved) to the F900XR recently due to some hip/health problems.  I miss that raw Italian power outright sexiness.  The F900XR has it beat most everywhere else.  I love them both equally. Look up my write up on my Muliti vs my 900XR. More detailed than this and I tried to make it an entertaining read. 

Ride safe
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« Last post by rcb78 on Yesterday at 12:26:42 AM »
Any interest at $400?
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello
« Last post by LP17 on January 21, 2022, 11:58:10 PM »
Welcome and enjoy. :400:
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello to all
« Last post by TheUDM on January 21, 2022, 09:55:57 PM »
Welcome from Toronto!

What you've got? R? XR?
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