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Check out a group on Facebook called “BMW Motorrad TFT”. They have great help on how to connect.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / RDL Arrived
« Last post by Rinkydink on Yesterday at 11:14:42 PM »
My Russell Day Long sport seat came in today!! 10 minute ride and I am sold. Pure bliss.

Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Handguards
« Last post by XRDave on Yesterday at 07:50:26 PM »
The cheap imitation handguards look very similar to the BMW ones and from experience they perform exactly the same. Also from experience if you drop your bike the cheap ones will break into many parts. The BMW ones will be scratched but intact and probably still perfectly serviceable.  You have the choice of what quality you buy. They will look identical.
*Originally Posted by arctrooper76 [+]
Selling my seat that I've only had for about two months.

To be honest I feel these Wunderlich seats are more on the firm side, so better suited for big tall people at the 180+ Ilbs. German seat for a German bike after all.

I'm 5'6 at 135 Ilbs so this seat is just too firm, my butt is sore after only about an hour or two of riding. I've see my friends dad sit on it who is 6'2 at 200Ilbs and the seat really contours better to his behind than to mine.

Link to photos of the seat, tho nothing surprising if you know what it is:

Asking price $500 + Shipping, Ships from Riverside CA
Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Re: BMW Case Holder F900XR
« Last post by arctrooper76 on Yesterday at 08:16:44 AM »
*Originally Posted by arctrooper76 [+]
Pics of the OEM Case Holders:

Asking price $200 + shipping, Ships from Riverside CA
Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Re: EP Evotech Crash Bobbins
« Last post by arctrooper76 on Yesterday at 08:13:56 AM »
*Originally Posted by arctrooper76 [+]

Asking price $230 plus shipping, Ships from Riverside CA
*Originally Posted by arctrooper76 [+]

Asking price $30 + shipping, Ships from Riverside CA
New Member Introductions / Re: Newbie - Cheltenham Gloucestershire
« Last post by sparky12353 on Yesterday at 05:36:43 AM »
welcome and enjoy the BMW life first thing you will have to do when you see your mates, leave the indicator on or press the hazards,  and then wait for the comments   :152: :005: :005: :005: :005:
Personally, I use the Connected app only for navigation. No NAVI VI or any other separate navigation installed.
*Originally Posted by cw000de [+]
I simply connected my phone to both the bike and the Sena. With that setup, I get all tracks recorded to the Connected app, and receive all navigation commands/calls on my helmet. Additionally, I of course see the  navigation commands (from the Connected app) on the TFT, too.

It's said that the connection between bike and helmet is necessary for using Siri commands, but this is neglectible for me. I cannot listen to the FM radio if I do establish that connection.

So do you actually use a NAVI VI as well?
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