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Re: New Member in Hampshire UK
Reply #10 on: May 04, 2021, 09:16:54 AM
I have previously posted on the topic of oil consumption but you will find this of interest.

I have a 900XR which has covered 1700 miles. It had the first service at 650miles where the oil was replaced.

Upon a recent check of lights & levels, following the handbook procedures, I was unable to get a dip-stick reading.
My dealer gave me a litre of oil which I slowly topped up until 400mls had been put in but the reading just reached the min level.
Further contact with my dealer and confirmation that I was doing things right, entailed a visit where the service manager added a further 25mls and the reading was then between min-max.
30 mile ride home, further check and the level was down to just above the min mark.
Back to the dealer the following day where I was informed that BMW were aware of some 900's having an issue whereby the oil from the engine sump was not draining back to the bottom sump, thus showing the level to be low as the lower sump is where the oil is dipped.
In light of the extra 425mls being added, the level was far too high and I was given an immediate oil change.
DO NOT TOP UP THE OIL IF THERE HAS BEEN NO SIGN OF LEAK OR BURING you will overfill your bike which could cause damage.

This matter is under investigation and I am waiting a reply from BMW UK as to whether they say the bike can/should be ridden.

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Re: New Member in Hampshire UK
Reply #11 on: May 04, 2021, 10:29:15 AM
Thanks for sharing this info.

My 2020 F900XR is currently at the dealers for an unknown amount of time waiting for a replacement sump part from Germany.  This resulted from me reporting oil consumption and no leaks.  :003:

I also get an excessive engine rattle at 3000rpm but the technicians tell me this is normal.  :187: