Author Topic: Horn Reposition. Denali Soundbomb mini inside left hand fairing.  (Read 272 times)

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I found the OE horn pathetic and did not like it exposed at the front of the engine. I had a look at where I could put a better horn inside the fairing and found a spot on the left hand side, just behind the radiator. I checked FIAMM and Denali sizes. The Denali Soundbomb mini is smaller than the similar FIAMM and just fits with the horn facing downward. With the horn facing down I cut the front edge off the trumpet, also the right rear corner off the trumpet. The wire to the fan needs to be secured out the way of the horn. The horn is mounted on two arms. The shorter one is the original that came with the Denali but also shortened. The longer one is a bit of sheet steel out the scrap bin.  The space around the horn is tight so I stuck some foam rubber on the areas that may vibrate against the frame, fairing and radiator.  The sound of the Denali is not hugely inspiring but is a lot louder and more assertive than the original. It pulls 5 amps so no need for an additional relay.