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Re: Power Source for front and rear cameras
Reply #10 on: November 21, 2020, 05:26:18 PM
*Originally Posted by tcbezza [+]
I have finished setting up my cameras and thought I had it cracked. I used the power source from the satnav at the front of the bike to connect to the trigger feed as I had already accessed that for the satnav.
However I have found a problem. Everything works as expected untill I hit the starter button and then the bike shuts off the power to the satnav feed briefly while the engine is starting. This seems to confuse the camera control unit as it gets a power off and then a power on a scond or so after. The result is that the unti locks up and needs resetting! Not good.

My next step will be to try taking a feed from the tail light feed and see if that is more stable at start up. Anybody know which colour wire is the power feed to the tail light?
Do you have photos of the connector at the front that everyone is talking about and I can't see..